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20th Anniversary LIMITED Highlander "Kronos" Sword by Marto of Toledo Spain

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Brand: Marto
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Highlander Kronos Sword, Limited Edition

This is the original Officially Licensed Limited Edition Kronos Sword from the Highlander series produced in Toledo Spain by Marto.

Patiently and insidiously, Kronos wiled away the millennia awaiting the opportunity to at last reunite his fellow Four Horsemen so together they could unleash the Apocalypse upon mankind. Though his efforts were thwarted, the specter of his evil remains as inseparable from The Legend as Duncan’s heroics.

The original Officially Licensed Limited Edition Kronos Sword was forged deep within the dark side of Immortality, Kronos’ fully authentic weapon bristles with an arsenal of accoutrements designed solely to inflict pain and suffering. The cross, hooks and arcs into brutally effective serrated scythes. The double edged stainless steel blade, equipped with a full length blood groove, features protruding teeth to maximize the extent of bodily injury upon withdrawal. Below the protrusions, blade edges are dulled to allow for a secondary grip during close quarter battle and/or greater leverage when delivering a quickening deathblow.

As with each signature sword in the Highlander 20th anniversary collection, the base of the Kronos sword's blade is etched with a line of character specific dialog, a detail that distinguishes the sword from any other in the world.

The Kronos sword offers the spine chilling epithet:

"Once we rode out of the sun, bringing death at the point of a sword. There was no man and no Immortal who could stand before us." ("Revelation 6:8", Season Five, HIGHLANDER: The Series)

The 20th Highlander anniversary Kronos sword had a limited production of only 3500 swords.

Highlander Kronos Sword features
Overall Length: 48 inches
Blade: 36 inches - Carbon Steel
Handle:12 inches
Pommel: antique pewter detail
Grip: black leather wrapped with pewter metal finish details
Guard: polished silver and antique pewter sculpture detail

Blade Stamps: "Once we rode out of the sun, bringing death at the point of a sword. There was no man and no immortal who could stand before us." - Kronos
Blade Stamps: Marto "M", Marto - Toledo, Made in Spain
Blade Stamps: Serial numbered
Blade Stamps: "Highlander 20th Anniversary" at top


Each sword is laser engraved with a quote from the Highlander series and "The Highlander 20th Anniversary Collection" as well as the official Highlander, Marto and Torledo emblems. The sword also comes with the corresponding paperwork and certificate of authenticity.
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