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Officially licenced
Lord Of The Rings Collectable
The Two Towers

Armoured Troll Action Figure With Electronic Sound
The Darkness of Sauron attracted many terrible and evil things to the black lands of Mordor. In addition to the innumerable hoards of Orcs and fallen men are other creatures of darkness. Among the strongest of these are the many breeds of Trolls that dwell in the cavernous mountain hollows around the dark empire. Huge and hulking, these beasts are well suited to the heavy work Sauron's lieutenants put them to. Several such creatures are permanently employed to open the doors of the towering Black Gate.

This exquisite and highly detailed action figure has a chain slashing action by pulling a lever on his back. It also roars with this action. A second lever operates the other arm with a chain lunging action which also makes the Troll Roar.
This is an exquisite item and would make a perfect gift or present for the collector.

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Officially licenced
Lord Of The Rings Collectable
Un-Opened Box

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