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Assegai (Medium Shaft) 44" Spear - South African Zulu Weapon

Product Code: CSHMS
Brand: Cold Steel
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More Information
The Assegai was invented by the legendary Zulu king Shaka in the early 1800s, this revolutionised tribal warfare in Southern Africa. Southern Swords offer these with a choice of different shaft lengths.
This is a great Mid-sized length shaft spear that makes for a unique, and athletic target throwing experience!

Imperial Metric
Weight 1 lb.8oz 0.680kg
Blade Thickness 0.08" 2mm
Shaft American Ash
Steel SK-5 Medium Carbon
Blade Length 17.33" 44.0cm
Overall 44" 112
Country of Origin Taiwan 

Assegai Head Only - Product Code: X95AH
Assegai Sheath - Product Code: S95AS
Assegai (Long Shaft) Spear Product Code: 95E

Cold Steel Spears
For people who have everything, here's something new! Cold Steel's spears make for a unique, and athletic target throwing experience! Available in a variety of sizes, with Premium American Ash shafts, all Cold Steel spears are made from SK-5 Medium Carbon Steel. Using cold forging technology, pioneered by Cold Steel, Cold Steel can offer high performance at reasonable prices. Like traditional spear heads, ours are heat treated and then drawn to a tough spring temper. The concept is that the spear head should flex or bend under impact stresses rather than break.
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