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Auray Rondel Dagger

Product Code: 404240
Brand: Windlass
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Circa 14th Century 

This elaborate rondel dagger could have easily found its way onto the battlefield of Auray, France in 1364 during the Breton War of Succession. Though small in stature, this dagger has a thick, tri-sided blade for punching through almost anything. However, the main feature is the sheer beauty of this piece. The elaborate, deep filigree work on the pommel and guard are lavishly plated in 24-karat gold, while the wooden handle has been adorned with a swirled gold chain. The matching wooden scabbard is leather covered and has matching, ornate gold-plated fittings. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts. 

Overall Length: 12-3/4"
Blade Length: 8"
Blade Width: 5/8"
Weight: 12oz
Material: 1065 High Carbon Steel
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