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Officially licenced
Lord Of The Rings Collectable
The Fellowship of the Ring

Cave Troll Action Figure With Electronic Sound
The Cave Troll lives beneath the ground, in the depths of the caves of the Moria Mines. This huge beast is led by the company of Moria Orks in a vicious attack on the Fellowship of the Ring as they pass through the mines. This powerful Cave Troll makes large booming noises as it walks, wielding his weapons in anger. Only the teamwork of the Fellowship of the Ring can overcome the marauding team of Orks and their menacing Cave Troll.

This exquisite and highly detailed action figure has a hammer slashing action by pulling a lever on his back. It also roars with this action. A second lever operates the other arm with a spear jabbing action which also makes the Troll Roar.
This is an exquisite item and would make a perfect gift or present for the collector.

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Officially licenced
Lord Of The Rings Collectable
Un-Opened Box

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