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El Cid - Medieval Heater Shield

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Brand: Bladecraft
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This shield is Approx- 25"x18" and constructed of high grade 16 gauge steel with an antiqued cracked painted finish. There is a gold trim and centre plaque which is quartered with two castle and two lions on. On the back of the shield is an arm strap and a handle. This is an excellent shield, and makes a great display piece. When displaying, swords can be crossed behind this shield to make this the piece the centre piece of any room.

Key Features

16 Gauge Steel
Historically Accurate
Arm Strap & Handle

El Cid - History
According to legend, Di'z de Vivar (El Cid) fought for Alfonso against the Moors, fought for the Moors against Alfonso, and conquered the Kingdom of Valencia for himself; he ruled there until his death in 1099. El Cid is the subject of many legends, stories, and poems, including the 12th-century epic El cantar de m'o Cid ("The Song of the Cid").
A central figure in the struggle between Christianity and Islam in medieval Spain, El Cid (from the Arabic as-sid, meaning "the lord") was an 11th century warrior whose military exploits made him a folk hero of mythical proportions. Rodrigo Diaz served as the commander of the troops of Sancho II, ruler of Castile, beginning in 1065. Called El Cid by the Moors and El Campeador ("the champion") by his countrymen, Rodrigo became famous for his military prowess in several battles against Sancho's brother, Alfonso VI, ruler of L'on.
Sancho died in 1072 without an heir, and Rodrigo's allegiance was transferred to the court of Alfonso. Even his title, El Cid Campeador, reflects his conflicting loyalities: "El Cid" is a Moorish title of respect, from Arabic al sayyid "Lord"; "Campeador" is Spanish for "Champion". To this day, Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar is known as a hero of Christian Spain. El Cid was also a great war hero due to his excellent achievements in the the Reconquest of Spain . El Cid was a superior and extremely successful soldier of fortune who apparently never lost a battle.

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