Southern Swords is committed to selling the correct sword for your needs.

Sometimes a historically accurate fully functional sword is needed for museums and collectors
A sword may simply be just for display on your wall at home.
Some people need a safe sword for costume, at weddings or parties.
Others may need a sword for use in actual sword to sword combat such as theatre, film, or re-enactment use.
With this in mind we have asked the services of the professionals - Cutting Edge Combat to use our swords in real combat and training and give an honest opinion
on them to give our customers some insight on the sword they are thinking of getting.
You can find details about them and their opinion on the swords tested below.

Stage and Combat swords, and Re-enactment swords for use in the field, all need to meet a standard of safety and perform well for peoples needs.
Every sword is different and to help our customers judge on what sword may be suitable for them, and how it performs, the professionals at Cutting Edge Combat have tested and
reviewed several swords. Details of which you can find below.

Information on Cutting Edge Combat can be found on there web site at  www.cuttingedgecombat.co.uk

Cutting Edge Combat Sword Reviews :-

Silver Hilt 17th Century Rapier - Stage & Combat Sword

Gilt Finish 17th Century Rapier - Stage & Combat Sword