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Gurkha Kukri Machete

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Brand: Windlass
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The Gurkha are a Nepalese people who have provided recruits for the British and Indian armies since the early 19th century. The Gurkha Regiment saw duty in both world wars and the Falklands War, and were part of the IFOR in Bosnia. The regiment's standard equipment still includes the traditional Gurkha kukri, which is used as a cutting weapon and a tool.

Our kukri is produced to official government specifications on size, form and weight. It comes from the forge that began making weapons for the British Army in 1943. This variant has a straight, narrow fuller from the grip to the curve of the black, and a very wide, flat notch ("angkhola") behind it. The blade was forged by hand from carbon steel, and has typical cut outs that symbolize the goddess Shiva's trident. It has a full tang, which is riveted to the brass pommel end.

This Gurkha kukri includes a wooden scabbard covered with black buffalo leather and a brass chape. At the back, there are two pockets for the smaller accompanying knives, the karda and chakmak. The holder for the belt loop is removable as required.

Total length: 41.5 cm
Blade length: 30 cm
Grip length: 12.5 cm
Weight: 0.63 kg
Blade thickness (base): 5.5 mm
Blade width (base): 4.0 cm
Blade width (base): 5.5 cm
Point of Balance (PoB): 4.5 cm
Length of karda and chakmak: 15.5 cm
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