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Knights Templar Hooded Cloak

Product Code: CWKTC
Brand: Southern Swords
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This Knights Templar Hooded Cloak is adorned with the Templar red cross at the front. Perfect for re-enactment & LARP
A great and simple cloak for any event. Made of strong durable Poly cotton fabric, this is easy to wear as it opens fully at the front allowing ample movement.
Fully washable and comes in one size fits all.
Key Features: 

Made of Poly cotton fabric
Great for re-enactment
Comes In One Size Fits All 

The Templars are one of the most recognized organizations of the crusades. 
Their legacy is still around today. Rumors abound as to the history of the templars, but one thing is certain, they were adorned with the Templar Red Cross.
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