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Late Medieval Battle Axe

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Brand: Windlass
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Whether soldiers were mounted or on foot, common or blue blooded, the Late Middle Ages was an era of change for all troops of fighting men. Firearms – which would bring long term, irrevocable change to warfare – were starting to be the rule. But back then, arquebuses could only fire one shot at a time and it took forever to reload them. Battle axes were especially helpful in battles against the heavily armored knights of the era. They had made the transition from clumsy cleaving tool to elegant weapon, and late medieval battle axes were still deadly.

Our late medieval battle axe is a good example of this development: the narrow, steel axe head can easily penetrate armor while the pointed, slightly curved spike is equal to any chest armor or helmet. The grip of the long wooden handle is wrapped with black leather for increased control and comfort.

Length - 73cm
Spike Length (From Shaft) - 15cm
Axe Length (From Shaft) - 8cm
Shaft Length - 69 cm
Weight - 1.2kg

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