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Stiletto daggers originated in northern Italy, but they were very popular throughout Europe during the entire Renaissance era. Renaissance assassins loved to used stilettos because they effectively sliced through the heavy clothing that people wore at that time.

The pointed, triangular blade also fits neatly through plate armour, and a knight would use a misericorde (mercy) to finish off a floundering opponent as required. From the blade to the handsomely rounded grip and pear-shaped pommel, our misericorde is made of steel. A short, rounded crossguard adds the finishing touch. The mount and chape of the leather scabbard included are also made of steel.

Total length: 35 cm
Blade length: 21.5 cm
Grip length: 10 cm
Weight: 0.34 kg

Blade width (base): 1.3 cm
Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews
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Reviewer: Jeffrey Lippman from United Kingdom   5 Stars

I decided to purchase the Windlass all steel Misericorde some time ago. Now that I have and it has arrived I can only say how pleased I am with it. As I expected the quality of the steel forged by Windlass is excellent both from a cosmetic perspective and more importantly from a usable weapon standpoint. Indeed, as with my last purchase of a Windlass blade the piece has exceeded my expectations. Having seen the seventeenth century original that this weapon is a copy of I can confirm that although there are some small differences between this and the original, most notably in the design of the handle, the essential style is correct and this piece would not raise any eyebrows in seventeenth century Italy, indeed it would fit right in seamlessly. I would point out that I did my research beforehand and was aware of the small differences, considered them to be acceptable. In the hand the grip is comfortable and feels like a natural extension of the body. As usual with a Windlass blade the words 'Windlass made in India' is printed on the blade, although also as usual these words are fairly easy to polish off. Overall a splendid replica capturing the style of the period and made by craftsman who clearly and justifiably take pride in their work.