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Pipe Hawk With Heart

Product Code: 600198
Brand: Windlass
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Since the indigenous populations of North America came into contact with the Europeans, they were able to make use of the advantages of iron processing, replacing their previous axe and hatchet heads of stone and horn with metal. The combination of tomahawk and pipe has its origin in North America: Europeans created Tomahawk pipes, which served primarily as objects of exchange in trade with Native Americans or as a diplomatic gifts.

Our Tomahawk Pipe with Heart is an ideal decorative gift as a stylized, "bleeding" heart embellishes the blade of high quality carbon steel. As a tool, however, it's not optimal owing to the shaft's slightly conical shape. With little force the entire axe head slides down the shaft. And the reason for this is so that you can smoke with our Tomahawk pipe! The wooden shank is hollow. At the end of the bore there is a metal bit. Also of metal, the bowl of the pipe holds the tobacco, is a fixed part of the axe head and has a hole on the bottom allowing for unrestricted air flow.

Handle length: 57.5 cm
Blade length: 16 cm
Blade edge: 8.5 cm
Weight: 0.78 kg
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