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Post 1869 Replica Firearms

It is now illegal to sell a reproduction firearm dated from 1870 onwards, apart from to the following;
  • A museum or gallery
  • Theatrical performances and rehersals of such performances
  • The production of films and television programmes
  • The organisation and holding of historical re-enactments and
  • Crown servants

We must obtain proof that you fall into one of these groups before your order will be processed. Acceptable proof would be;
  • A letter from the museum, gallery, theatre company
  • A letter from the commisioning film/TV company
  • A copy of your re-enactment membership card and relevant insurance certificate
  • Proof of employment (Crown Servant)

When placing an order please upload a scan or good resolution photo of proof so that we can check into and confirm the details. If nothing is uploaded and you do not reply within 1 week of placing an order your order will be cancelled and we will apply a 10% administration fee to the total order amount.