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Ringwraith & Horse Action Figures - Deluxe Horse & Rider Set
Sauron transformed the Kings of Men, the wearers of his powerful magical rings, into the mysterious Ringwraiths. The rings granted their bearers immortality, but it came with a price. They slowly became enslaved to follow Sauron's every command. Nothing remains of their physical bodies.. Now all that is left of their former monarchs are their twisted spirits.

These exquisite and highly detailed action figures are fully articulated. The Ringwraith holds his sword and with the push of a button on his back his arm moves and creates a slashing action with the sword. The horse is battery powered (included). Pull reigns from horses mouth to see his eyes light up and his teeth show a snarling action.When the Ringwraith is placed on the horse you can push a button on the horses hind leg to make the horse have a galloping action. This is an exquisite item and would make a perfect gift or present for the collector.

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Lord Of The Rings Collectibles
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