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Roman Imperial Italic Helmet - 16 Gauge

Product Code: PT1035
Brand: Bladecraft
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This is a excellent reproduction of a Roman Imperial Italic Helmet. Made of hand-forged 16 gauge steel and brass. This item is shipped to you pre-oiled for protection and close attention to detail and quality is a top priority in every piece.

This is an excellent item for re-enactment and would make a great addition to any collection

We also have a helmet stand for this item as pictured which is usually £19- but if purchased with the helmet is only £15-

Key Features:

16 gauge steel
Excellent item for re-enactment

Although derived from a Celtic original, the Imperial helmet had more advanced features, such as a sloped neck guard with ribbing at the nape, projecting ear guards, brass trim [disambiguation needed], and decorative bosses.
The Roman combat experience of the Dacian wars produced further developments in helmet design, particularly the two iron bars riveted crosswise across the helmet scull (alternatively, two thick bronze strips might be riveted to the top of a bronze legionary or auxiliary helmet) as protection against the falx.
This started as a field modification, as seen on several Imperial Gallic helmets with the crossbars hastily riveted right over the decorative eyebrows (crossbars are seen on some, though not all, of the legionary helmets on Trajan's Column), but quickly became a standard feature, found on all helmets produced from ca. AD 125 through the latter third century AD
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