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Roman Pilum

Product Code: 600008
Brand: Windlass
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The Roman pilum was the classic javelin of the Roman legions. It was built to deliver a very high penetrating force. The square spit with the wide point flares into a tongue-shaped tang at the lower end. The tang is pushed into a pyramid-shaped socket, and then riveted. At the bottom of the wooden socket there is a hole that accepts a wooden shaft of approximately the same length.
Roman legionaries threw their pilum javelins at enemy troops from a distance of around 15 meters – and pierced shields. Originally, the pilum was designed to be a one-way weapon. The only part of the steel spit that was tempered was the point, so this Roman javelin would bend when it hit an object.
Good thing too: that kept them from being recycled by the enemy and made the shields they hit unusable.
Our Roman pilum is completely made of tempered carbon steel so you can use it again and again. The spit and the socket are glued and riveted to wooden pins.

Note: wooden shaft not included.

  • Overall Length: 40’’
  • Blade Length: 2’’
  • Weight: 2.25 lbs.
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