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Roman Spatha Sword

Product Code: S5709M
Brand: John Barnett
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These swords are meticulously hand crafted. The tangs are actual full tangs, not the typical rat tail that are found in most decorative swords. The high quality blades are hand forged using EN45 Spring steel to make the blade non brittle and give it a spring like quality that will not warp. 

This sword comes with a dull edge, but can be sharpened in our workshops for £20.
We hand sharpen all our swords to ensure the temper of the blade is not compromised and use a course stone to achieve the angle and a fine stone to finish the cutting edge.

To maintain and keep your sword blade sharp we recommend you use the puck sharpener after every use.

Key Features:

Hand Crafted High Quality Construction
Historically Accurate
EN45 High Carbon Spring Steel


Blade length -63cm
Overall Length -84cm
Blade width (at widest) 4.5cm
Grip Length - 10cm
Sword Weight - 1.15kg
Sword with scabbard weight - 1.6kg

Roman Sparta Sword
Originally the spatha was used by the Roman cavalry and as horsemen were regularly recruited from Gallic tribes the sword owes its origin to the Celts who when recruited were issued chainmail shirts, oval shields, helmets and swords of their own native style. Early spathae are depicted on tombstones with hilts and scabbards very close to legionary types. It is likely that the auxiliary cavalry units copied legionary fashions making these swords essentially a hybrid between Celtic and Roman weapon design.
The spatha began to replace the shorter gladius as the primary Roman sword from about AD.100 onwards. The Romans continued to use their spathae right up until the decline of the Roman Empire.
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