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Scottish Claymore Highland 2 Handed Sword

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Brand: John Barnett
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Mainstay of the Highland warriors of the late 15th and 16th centuries, the Claymore had a uniquely styled hilt that sets it apart from other great swords of the period. Typically a 2 handed sword, this versatile weapon could deliver great sweeping slashes or powerful thrusts. Replicated from a surviving museum piece our Claymore is classic in its design, with distinctive sloping quillons terminating in quatrefoils and a high-collared quillon block with langets following the blade fuller. The leather-covered grip is topped by a wheel pommel. The hugh grip of the Claymore is leather-covered. Originally this sword was carried slung on the back, held in a leather back scabbard, which we do have available for this sword.

These swords are maticulously hand crafted.  The tangs are actual full tangs, not the typical rat tail that are found in most decorative swords. The high quality blades are hand forged using EN45 Spring steel to make the blade non brittle and give it a spring like quality that will not warp. 

This sword comes with a dull edge, but can be sharpened in our workshops for £20.
We hand sharpen all our swords to ensure the temper of the blade is not compromised and use a course stone to achieve the angle and a fine stone to finish the cutting edge.

To mantain and keep your sword blade sharp we recommend you use the puck sharpener after evey use.

Key Features:

Authentic styling
Fully functional
Sharp Blade
Excellent balance


Full Tang:
Overall length: 140 cm.
Blade length: 106 cm.
Blade Width: 6.5cm cm.
Handle: Hardwood wrapped with Leather.
Handle Grip Length: 23cm Weight: 4 kg
Point of Balance: 14 cm. from the guard.
Width at Guard: 75 mm.
Thickness at Guard: 5 mm.
Hilt Width: 23cm
Blade Hardness in Rockwell: 45-50 Rc

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