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Seafarers Knife

Product Code: 121337
Brand: Windlass
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Men who went to sea before the era of motorized ships had to have knives for everyday use. Whether officer, boatswain or sail maker – everyone needed a practical, versatile knife. Many a seafarer even carved his own knife handle during the long months at sea. He would cut his initials into it, treating his knife as if it were a work of art.

Our seafarer knife has a single-edged blade made of carbon steel with a false edge that takes up around one-third of the blade. The hardwood handle is attached to the blade by a metal socket and decorated with a carved hand.

The seafarer knife includes a scabbard made of brown leather.

Total length: 32.0 cm
Blade length: 18.5 cm
Grip length: 11.5 cm
Weight: 0.13 kg
Blade thickness (base): 4.1 mm
Blade width (base): 2.5 cm
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