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Steampunk Skirt With Petticoat

Product Code: 121842
Brand: Windlass
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In the fantasy world of steampunk, fashion is a mix of Victorian clothing and futuristic or fantasy details. Our steampunk skirt with petticoat combines the classical Victorian style with a modern twist – it's short for lots of freedom of movement.

The skirt itself is made of soft, sand-colored corduroy with a metallic shimmer. An overskirt made of cotton net supports the airy quality of the skirt and adds an exciting, dark contrast in color and tone. Sewn to the skirt at the waist, the overskirt hangs in festoons held by leather straps at the front – the perfect look for an intrepid adventuress. Small tassels on the leather straps provide extra visual flair. The delicate petticoat contributes to the skirt's buoyancy by adding volume. Its black, transparent lace flits gently around your legs. A zipper hidden on the side makes it easy to put on and take off the skirt, while an elasticized waistband ensures a perfectly comfortable fit.
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