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Sword Breaker Dagger & Sheath

Product Code: S5780
Brand: John Barnett
More Information
 This historical accurate and functional dagger was carried by Knights during the Middle Ages and was often wielded as a parrying weapon in conjunction with a rapier. Its name came from its unique blade style with the function of catching a foes sword in its teeth and with a twist disabling or breaking it. The guard and pommel are made with a blacken finish, and the grip is hardwood with a steel wire wrap. The EN45 spring steel tempered blade has a full tang and is cup peened over the pommel for durability.
The blade of this very impressive dagger is 3cm wide and 31cm long, and it come complete with leather sheath.

Key Features

EN45 Spring Steel
Historically Accurate
High Quality Construction


Weight 700g
Weight In Sheath 850g
Overall Length 47cm
Blade Length 31m
Blade Width 3cm
Grip Length 9.5cm
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