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Viking Javelin Head

Product Code: 600444
Brand: Windlass
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On the one hand, pole arms like our javelin have historical precedents – and on the other hand, they don't. This is a problem when you have source material instead of archaeological finds: Nordic sagas indicate that lances with double-edged blades were being used as combination cutting and thrusting weapons (e.g. "atgeir"). But no originals have been found yet. Terms like "spear" (throwing weapon) or "pike" (pure thrusting weapon) come up too short. Pole arms have the clear advantage of a wider reach in contrast to swords in close combat.

Our Viking javelin head is hand forged from carbon steel and is shaped like a pointed leaf. The socket, which accepts a round wooden shaft, tapers to a cone and creates a practically seamless joint. Total length: 62.5 cm Width: 6.0 cm Thickness: 4.0 mm Diameter (socket): 24 mm Weight: 0.66 kg
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